Awareness DVD
The Making of "Water:
The Essential Resource for Life"

Water: The Essential Resource for Life, created under the framework of the Kumamoto Water Resources Protection Awareness Program, was produced to raise awareness of our programs and to create an easy-to-understand visualization of the mechanisms that make "Kumamoto, the Groundwater City" possible. Recently, we have been showing this video to various audiences such as students and prefecture residents in order to promote and spread awareness regarding the activities one can take part in to protect and nurture the water resources of Kumamoto.

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All of the tap water in Kumamoto city is natural groundwater.
Kumamoto's attractions are its rich natural environmental resources.

Every drop of tap water used in Kumamoto City, with its population of approximately 730,000 people, is extracted from the region's rich groundwater aquifer. In this regard, it is the only city in Japan of over 500,000 city population. Not only does Kumamoto City have a large groundwater supply, the Tasty Water Research Committee commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (currently, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare) found it to be of extremely high quality, evaluating it to be one of the three best tasting tap waters in Japan.

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The Foundation welcomes your donations.

The Foundation accepts donations from people who want to contribute to various natural conservation activities geared towards protecting Kumamoto's natural resources.

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