The 14th “Aso Mizukake no Tanada” Rice Planting was held!

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, the 14th “Aso Mizukake no Tanada” rice planting was held. Chief Director Kai addressed: “At the end of March this year, the government announced the ‘Strategies for Transition to a Nature-Positive Economy’. The subtitle of the strategy is ‘Creation of corporate value based on natural capital’. This means halting and reversing biodiversity loss in order to put nature on a recovery track. In addition to preserving and maintaining nature, companies will also be required to work to restore nature to its original state.”

The participants offered a prayer for the safety of the work and the abundant harvest by following the manners of Shinto; bow twice, clap one’s hands twice, then bow once more in unison with Chief Director Kai.

The “Otaue shiki”, a rice planting ceremony, was performed by Chief Director Kai, Vice Chairman Kasahara, Executive Director Yamamura of Yamamura Sake Brewery, and Yamada Ward Representative Manager Hashimoto.

After receiving an explanation of rice planting procedures and points to keep in mind, the participants were divided into groups 1 to 5 and planted the seedlings by hand following the instructions of the group leaders.

Rice planting was carried out by volunteers from the following organizations. On Monday May 6 with Kumamoto Toyota Motor Corporation; on Saturday May 11 with Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, KIS Corporation, and Yamamura Sake Brewery; on Sunday May 12 with Kyushu Electric Power Company, Inc., and Toyono-cho Green Youth League.

On Wednesday May 15 with Adel Cars, Co., Ltd.; on Friday May 17 with new employees of the Higo Bank, Ltd.; on Saturday May 18 the Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd., NTT West Corporation, AIM TEC Co., Ltd., and MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings.

On Sunday May 19 with Kumamoto Toyopet Co., Ltd., and Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun.


Please check the Foundation’s Instagram for the rice planting activity by the rice farming volunteers from companies working on SDGs, and rice growth conditions.

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