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Water: An Essential Resource for Life
-Presented by the Kumamoto Water Resources Protection Awareness Program

  • Water: An Essential Resource for Life (5 min 20 sec)

    ※For those who are interested, there is also an "original version" (13 min 50 sec).
  • We produce the DVD, titled “Water : An Essential Resource for Life”. Through this DVD, we would like you to know the invisible underground water flow which supports the daily life of one million Kumamoto citizen and to enjoy the blessings from fresh groundwater.

    This DVD has made for people to understand the hydro-geological structure created by the volcanic activities of Mt. Aso and the enforced groundwater recharge system through the farming activities based on the wisdom of our ancestors. We hope you should be aware of the importance to protect the groundwater resources and to proceed the activity of securing the quantity and quality of groundwater.

    The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo

    Chief Director Takahiro Kai