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Water: The Essential Resource for Life
-Presented by the Kumamoto Water Resources Protection Awareness Program

  • Abridged Version (1 min 2 sec)

  • Prologue: Invisible Luxury(1 min 47 sec)

    Kumamoto, the city that lives on groundwater
    Lifestyle of Kumamoto, blessed with abundant groundwater supply

  • Chapter 1: Natural system given by Mt. Aso(5 min)

    1. Volcanic activity approximately 300,000 to 90,000 years before present (huge pyroclastic flow covered entire Kyushu Island)
    2. The caldera creation after eruption, the central volcanic mountains activity, and existence of ancient Caldera crater lake

  • • Chapter 2: Human activities to utilize local surface waters(3 min 29 sec)

    1. Fluvial morphological activities along Shira river during 20,000 to 500 years before present.
    2. A watercolor-styled painting animations of the civil engineering works to control and utilize surface waters by Kato Kiyomasa

  • Chapter 3: Mechanisms of local groundwater flow system(1 min 40 sec)

    1. Geological cross-sections along major groundwater flow line.
    2. Close-ups of the important points of the groundwater flow system: the mid stream basin of Shira river, groundwater pools, Togawa lava, etc.

  • Chapter 4: The Hydrological Cycle and Our Lives(2 min 19 sec)

    1. Origin of precipitation in Kumamoto
    2. A georama showing the mechanisms of hydrological cycle of Kumamoto area including irrigation water use.

  • Chapter 5: A Disruption of stable Balance for quantity and quality of groundwater(1 min 23 sec)

    1. Reduction of spring discharge rate caused by the land use change of the groundwater recharge area
    2. Nitrate nitrogen contamination in groundwater caused by human life and agricultural activities

  • Epilogue: Protecting Our Water and Greenery(2 min 8 sec)

    1. An introduction to the awareness that we all should share regarding this problem, past conservation award winners, and local government initiatives
    2. A message from the organization director
    3. Credit roll of the related individuals and references for this DVD production.

  • Higo Water and Greenery Protection Fund Initiatives and Activities (1 min 45 sec)

    1. Main purposes of the conservation fund
    2. A description of the Aso terraced rice paddy flooding program, the Panoramic (Taikan) Forest tree planting program, etc.

Water: The Essential Resource for Life English version
/ for younger audiences

  • Water: The Essential Resource for Life(8 min 45 sec)

  • Water: The Essential Resource for Life (for younger audiences)
    Let's join Kumamon and learn about Kumamoto's groundwater!(7 min 35 sec)