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Hosting and cooperation for symposiums and seminars on water resources protection topics

Every year, we hold symposiums, lectures and panel discussions related to water and greenery conservation. Over 400 people attend each event.

Promotion and publicity for water resources protection

We hold travelling exhibitions of water-saving tools in the lobbies of bank branches and we distribute water-saving foaming faucet heads and pipe joints with no cost to those who want them. In addition, we publish booklets such as Water Saving People, The Feelings of Water, and Protecting Our Water and Greenery as part of our promotional activities.

The Making of the "Water: The Essential Resource for Life" DVD

Water: The Essential Resource for Life, created under the framework of the Kumamoto Water Resources Protection Awareness Program, was produced to raise awareness of our programs, and to create an easy-to-understand visualization of the scientifically supported mechanisms that make "Kumamoto, the Groundwater City" possible. Recently, we have been showing this video to various audiences such as students and prefecture residents in order to promote and spread awareness regarding the activities one can take part in to protect and nurture the water resources of Kumamoto. The DVD version not only includes the main feature, but also a Kumamon version for kids and an English version.

Watch DVD "Water: The Essential Resource for Life"