The 6th Annual Wooden Bench Donation Ceremony: A total of 38 benches were donated!

On Monday, January 15, 2024, we donated wooden benches made of local cedar wood to six elementary and junior high schools in Kumamoto prefecture.

Chief Director Kai addressed at the wooden bench donation ceremony held in the conference room of the Kumamoto Prefectural Government Disaster Prevention Center: “The purpose of the donation is to encourage interest in the importance of groundwater recharge activities in Kumamoto’s water cycle and its mechanism of groundwater upwelling, and we have been working on this project in the hope that it will foster cooperation between our organization, students, and people involved in education.
We hope that children, who will lead the next generation, will become aware of the diverse functions of forests, such as groundwater recharge, CO2 absorption, flood control and disaster prevention, by utilizing and familiarizing themselves with benches made of wood grown in the great nature of Aso, and I hope that this bench will play a part in providing a place for students to communicate with each other.”

Chief Director Kai presented a certificate indicating the gifts of six wooden benches to Kumamoto Prefecture’s Superintendent of Education, Mr. Shiraishi.

This is a general view of the event while Mr. Shiraishi, Superintendent of Education, is greeting the participants.

This is a commemorative photo with students from the Green Environment Department of Aso Chuo High School, who built the wooden benches.

The benches were delivered and installed in the six schools on the same day.

【Shimizu Junior High School, Kumamoto City】
It was installed next to the landing up to the school building.

【Tatsuno Elementary School, Kosa Town】
It was installed on the left side of the foyer above the entrance where a banner commemorating the 20th “Higo Water Resources Protection Award” presented to the school was displayed.

【Uyanagi Elementary School, Yatsushiro City】
Installed in front of wooden lockers.

【Tsunagi Elementary School, Tsunagi Town】
It was installed in front of the entryway shoe cabinet.

【Daisan Junior High School, Hitoyoshi City】
It was installed in the corner around the hallway.

【Nakaminami Elementary School, Kamiamakusa City】
They were installed in the school yard alongside two benches that had been there for some time.  The students participated to a ceremony we held to present a certificate of the gift.