The 19th “Aso Taikan-no Mori” Forest Tree Planting was Held!

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, we conducted our 19th tree planting activity at the Aso Taikan-no Mori forest. About 200 participants of executives and employees of the Higo Bank, Ltd. and local resident planted 2,000 maple and wild cherry blossoms tree saplings.
At the ceremony, Chief Director Kai addressed; “Currently, the grasslands of Aso, which play an important role in recharging groundwater, are in danger of being lost due to the lack of successors to feedlot operators which has led to the discontinuation of agricultural burning, also by the installation of solar panels on the grasslands. In view of these circumstances, we would like to engage in full-scale activities to maintain the grasslands of Aso in addition to tree planting with the cooperation of local resident.”

The participants offered a prayer for the safety of the work and the growth of the saplings by following the manners of Shinto; bow twice, clap one’s hands twice, then bow once more in unison with Vice Chairman Kasahara.

Mr. Kawazu, Secretary of the Aso Business Department, explained the procedures and precautions for tree planting.  He also introduced the geographical name of the location;  “This area is called ‘Amefuridani (Rainfall Valley)’.  It will be a perfect place for groundwater recharge.”

After the ceremony, the participants were divided into three groups and planted saplings in pairs under the direction of the group leaders.  Here is Group 1 planting saplings.  The terrain was relatively flat.

Here is Group 2 planting saplings.  Extreme care was required on the steep slope, which was like a horse’s back.

Here is Group 3 planting saplings. The participants planted them by moving sideways.

The luncheon, which had been canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic, was revived for the first time in four years.  We had curry and rice cooked by the local Ogura Women’s Association.

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