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What is the Higo Water and Greenery Protection Award?

In 1987, Higo Bank began to advocate the idea that groundwater is a precious resource for the region of our births, and we must protect it from becoming depleted or polluted. The bank teamed up with the Kumamoto Prefectural Government and the Kumamoto Nichinichi Newspaper Co. to establish the Higo Water Resource Protection Award (now called the Higo Water and Greenery Protection Award).

The award honors groups and individuals who are engaged in water resource conservation activities, and since its inception has been awarded to 353 groups and 16 individuals.

This recognition has continued under the auspices of the Higo Water Resource Protection Fund Charitable Foundation, which was founded in 1992, and the funds of which have been used for a wide variety of activities, such as hosting symposiums, water saving tools exhibition, planting watershed protection forests, and so on.

As the need to address environmental problems has increased, these water conservation initiatives were expanded to also focus on green planting activities, and in September 2008, the fund changed its name to the Higo Water and Greenery Protection Fund Foundation and again in November 2010 to The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo.

Throughout its history, this charitable foundation has focused on its award-granting program, while also engaging in spreading awareness via symposiums, newspaper articles, and television programs, and assisting volunteer organizations with various environmental activities such as tree planting for watershed protection forests, flooding rice paddies, and so on.

We are always seeking new potential candidates for the Higo Water and Greenery Protection Award

Award target Individuals, groups, volunteer groups, companies, institutions, schools, local governments (excluding the prefectural government)
Award field
  • 1. Recharge, preservation, and conservation of water resources
  • 2. Prevention activities of water pollution
  • 3. Greening promotion activities
  •  Those who are promoting steady and effective continuous activities.
  • 4. Special awards may be given to the study and research relating to the water resources which had a direct effect on the practical actions on above 1 to 3 items.
1. General section
  • (1) Activity period: Practical efforts continue for at least 3 years
2. Continuation award section
  • (1) Past award winners of Higo water and green protection
  • (2) Continuous activities for more than 10 years after receiving the award
Selection Based on the application information from various fields in the prefecture, the selection committee will select the award winners.
Announcement Winners are announced in mid-September on the pages of the Kumamoto Nichinichi Newspaper.
October 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 13: 30-14: 30
Certificate of commendation, commendation shield, activity subsidy (300,000 yen for groups & companies, 200,000 yen for schools, 100,000 yen for individuals)
How to Apply
Application period
April 1-July 31
Recruitment method
Fill out the form, and email it to the following address.
* If you cannot email, please post mail the application form.
Higo Shoji Bldg,3F,1-23 Koyaimamachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City
The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo
Telephone: 096-351-3882

Who has received the Higo Water and Greenery Protection Award?

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