Foundation Overview

General Overview of The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo

Name The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo
Chief Director Takahiro Kai (Chairman of Higo Bank)
Objectives We engage in conservation promotion and subsidizing activities targeting the water and greenery of Kumamoto, encouraging enthusiasm for and action related to water conservation among prefecture residents.
Endowment ¥210 million (donated by Higo Bank and its group companies)
Date of Establishment September 28, 1992
Address 860-0012
Higo Shoji Bldg. 3F, 1-23 Koyaimamachi, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City
(Telephone: 096 - 351 - 3882)

AdvisorsAs of June 2020

Position Name Primary Occupation
Advisor Ikuo Kabashima Kumamoto Prefectural Governor
Kazufumi Onishi Kumamoto City Mayor
Kunihiko Kawamura President & Representative Director, Kumamoto Nichinichi Newspaper

Directors and Auditors

Position Name Primary Occupation
Chief Director Takahiro Kai Higo Bank's Chairman and Representative Director
Vice Chairman Yoshihisa Kasahara Higo Bank's Chairman and Representative Director
Standing Director Yoshinori Oono Standing Director, The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo
Director Hironobu Akioka Kumamoto Broadcasting Corporation Chairman and Representative Director
Tsutomu Ichikawa Tokai University Professor
Tsuguharu Inaba Kumamoto University Professor Eisei Bunko Research Center Director
Eri Otsu Chief Director, Heroines of the Country Agricultural NPO
Yasunori Kawagoshi Professor, Kumamoto University Center for Water Cycle,Marine Ebvironment,and Disaster Management
Yoichi Koga Superintendent of Education, Kumamoto Prefecture
Nobuyoshi Takeuchi Director, Kumamoto Prefecture Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Kenichi Mishima Director, Kumamoto City Department of the Environment
Yoshitaka Watanabe Kumamoto Nichinichi Shinbun Director in charge of editing,information technology, printing
Auditor Terutoshi Ide Kumamoto good faith Bank executive director, public interest corporation
Koichi Kumabe Representative, Certified Public Tax Accountants' Co. Kizuna

12 Directors, 2 Auditors (Listed with honorifics omitted, in the order of the Japanese alphabet)


Name Primary Occupation
Yoshiko Ise Kumamoto Office Head, Saga Goryu Kadou
Akinori Uchino Professor Emeritus, Kumamoto University
Makoto Kubota Kumamoto Office Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
Hiroaki Tsutsumi Vice President, Kumamoto Prefectural University
Katsuhiro Terada Executive Director, Kumamoto Ground Water Charitable Foundation
Katsuya Nagano Tokai University Faculty of Education Deputy Director Program Education Center Kyushu Branch
Satoshi Fujimoto Director, Kumamoto Prefecture Department of Life Environments
Tomoko Minagawa Associate Professor,Kumamoto University Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology
Chikako Miyao Director, Kumamoto Prefecture Museum of Art
Michiko Miyahara Advisor,Specified Nonprofit Corporation Kumamoto Global Warming Countermeasure Center
Kazuhiko Wada Aso City Vice-Mayor
Hitoshi Yamaki Senior Managing Executive Officer, Director, Higo Bank

12 members total (Listed with honorifics omitted, in order of the Japanese alphabet)

Academic Advisors

Name Primary Occupation
Jun Shimada Professor Emeritus, Kumamoto University

1 member total (Listed with honorifics omitted)


Name Primary Occupation
Norichika Kanie Keio University Graduate School Professor

1 member total (Listed with honorifics omitted)

A Brief History of The Foundation for the Preservation of Green and Water Resources of Higo

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Honors Received

July 1996 "National Land Agency Award for Achievement in Water Resource Protection"

November 2005 "Prime Minister's Award for Hometown Area Preservation"

June 2006, "Regional Environmental Conservation Merit Award"

July 2006, "Prime Minister's Merit Award for Ecological Promotion Activities"

June 2007, "Japan Water Prize Special Judge Committee Award"

May 2013, "Japan Association of Groundwater Hydrology Technology Award"

June 2014, "Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare Japan Water Award"

November 2016, Kumamoto Ground Water Foundation "Judge's Special Grand Prix"

March 2017, "Japan Society on Water Environment Kyushu-Okinawa Division Water Environment Contribution Award"

February 2018, “Kumamoto Landscape Award Green and water scenery award”

March 2019, “Kumamoto Landscape Award  30th Grand Prize”

About Our Emblem

We use this image of clear, flowing water to signify our dedication to teaching people how to protect water, an essential resource for future generations.
[Completed October 2013]