The 5th Annual Wooden Bench Donation Ceremony: A total of 32 benches were donated!

On Thursday, January 12, 2023, we donated wooden benches made of local cedar wood to eight elementary and junior high schools in Kumamoto prefecture.

Chief Director Kai delivered an address at the wooden bench donation ceremony held at the prefectural government office:  “We have started donating wooden benches with the aim of promoting collaboration between our groundwater recharge activities and those involved in education.  The benches are made of cedar wood that were cut out from the 59-hectare “Aso Taikan-no Mori” forest located under the Aso Daikanbo Peak    for planting broadleaf trees.  In addition to recharging groundwater, the tree-planting activities in this area are intended to absorb carbon dioxide and replace coniferous trees that have reached the age of harvesting and whose absorption has decreased, with broadleaf tree saplings whose absorption and fixation rate increases as they grow. The fallen leaves of broadleaf trees become leaf mold, which allows rainwater to slowly percolate into the ground, resulting in rich groundwater.”

Chief Director Kai presented a certificate indicating the gifts to Kumamoto Prefecture’s Superintendent of Education, Mr. Shiraishi.  We have donated 6 units every year, but as this year marks the 5th, we donated 8 units, 2 more than in previous years.

This is a general view of the event while Mr. Shiraishi, Superintendent of Education, is greeting the participants.

A commemorative photo was taken with students from the Green Environment Department of Aso Chuo High School, who built the wooden benches.

The students helped us loading the benches.  They were delivered and installed in eight schools on the same day.

【Shimizu Elementary School, Kumamoto City】

The bench was installed in the courtyard.  They expressed gratitude for the 24th Higo Water and Greenery Protection Award they received from us in 2010.

【Karyo Junior High School, Kumamoto City】

The bench was installed under the wisteria trellis on the playground.

【Yahata Elementary School, Yamaga City】

The bench was installed in the courtyard. Everyone was impressed by the “timber-frame” and the “embedded plug” constructions, the methods which do not use nails.

【Chuo Junior High School, Misato Town】

The bench was installed in the study area with a stove in front of the principal’s office.

【Gyokuryo Junior High School, Tamana City】

The bench was installed in the space set aside for human rights awareness.

【Tensui Junior High School, Tamana City】

Since the bench is so beautifully made, they would like to decide where to install it.

【Ohzu Minami Elementary School, Ohzu Town】

The bench was installed in front of the library.

【Oguni Junior High School, Oguni Town】

It is such a beautifully made bench, they want to show it to all the students before deciding where to install.