We had rice harvesting at “Aso Fountain Rice Terrace”!

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, the 11th rice harvesting was carried out at our terraced rice field in Aso Fountain Rice Terrace. President Kai said, “From this year, as a new attempt, we are starting this groundwater flooding project in collaboration with private companies in Kumamoto that are highly interested in SDGs’ activities. I would like to increase the number of joint companies year by year. ”


Then, a Shinto ritual was held in praying for “thanks of the fruit” and “safety of the harvesting work” at Aso Fountain Rice Terrace.


Next, we held a “sickle-filling ceremony” by Mr. Kai, as the head owner of Ota (rice field), Mr. Kasahara, and Mr. Hashimoto, who is instructed the rice cultivation.


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, we thoroughly conducted “temperature measurement and hand sanitizer” at the reception.


Based on the explanation by Mr. Nakahara, General Manager of Aso Division of the Foundation, we cut the rice by hands, tied them, and hanged them to dry.


This year again, we couldn’t prepare lunch to prevent COVID-19 inflection, so we received tea and snacks at the headquarters and leaved off there.


In our Aso Fountain Rice Terrace project, we are looking for the collaborative participation of “private companies” who are interested in SDGs’ activities.