Aso Division activity series ⑦ ” Aso Fountain Rice Terraces ” electric wire fence stretched

Rice in ” Aso Fountain Rice Terraces ” grew steadily and began to have ears. An electric wire fence (denboku) was set up around the terraced rice fields to prevent the damage by wild boars entering the rice fields. The power supply is a car battery.


The electric wire is stretched between the piles that are set up at regular intervals around the rice fields.


Up to 6 electric wires can be fixed on each pile, but many cases use 2 to 3 wires on the lower half of the pile. Based on the local experience so far, people know the entrance route of wild boars, and those places fix four wires in some case.


Because of its high voltage, it is very dangerous to touch it. So, the yellow tag display (Do not touch!) was set to call attention. The switch is turned off during the day and turned on only at night.


Boars is very smart and enter the rice field to cross the side by river. For this reason, we also have an electric wire fence on the slopes of the rice terraces facing the river.


We hope that electric fence will work effectively to prevent boar damage and become a good harvest.