Aso Division activity series ③ Mowing ridges between rice fields

Weeds are a great enemy for growing rice and achieving a rich harvest. It is necessary to spray herbicides over the rice fields and “mow” the ridges between rice fields.

By our Aso Division office, weeds on the slopes and ridges of terraced rice fields are cut off using a brush cutter.


Under the Japanese hot and humid climate, weeds infest quickly. In the old days, rice farmer spent huge time efforts on weeding work to grow rice.


This year, the temperature has been high since the beginning of spring and the weeding on the slopes and ridges of terraced rice fields is very hard work.


For weeds on the ridge, we do not use herbicides that kill weeds’roots. It is said because the ridges are strengthened by the weed roots.


At the Aso Division, the staffs are working with supplying drinking water to prevent heat stroke.