We participated in simultaneous cleaning-up of 2019 Midorikawa Day!

On April 29, 2019, branch staffs of Higo Bank in the Midorikawa basin participated as volunteers in the “Midorikawa Basin-wide Cleaning Day” held at Kashima Inubuchi area as the headquarters venue. This was the last ” Midorikawa Basin-wide Cleaning Day ” event in the Heisei era. The photo shows the cleaning activities of the day. It was the third day of the 10 consecutive holidays in this year, but we worked hard as usual.

They are Kashima branch and Kumanosho branch staff members(Kashima Inubuchi venue).

嘉島支店+隈庄20190429_092706 - コピー

Tomochi branch staff members(Misato-cho venue).


Mifune branch staff members (mifune-machi venue).


Uto branch staff members (Uto venue).

宇土支店20190429 IMG_4218

Hamamachi branch staff members (Yamato-cho venue).