We had the 9th rice harvesting at “ Aso Fountain Rice Terrace!

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, the ninth rice harvesting was carried out at a terraced rice field in Aso Fountain Rice Terrace. President Kai said, “As I was worried about the landing attack by Typhoon No. 19, fortunately we are  happy to be able to harvest rice safely today.”


Following the greetings of Mr.Fukushima, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Manager of Kumamoto Prefecture and Mr. Sato, Mayer of Aso City, we held a sickle ceremony.


This is the growth situation of this year’s rice just before cutting.


Hand-cutting, lacing, and hang-drying works are performed smoothly.


Students of Tokai University Faculty of Agriculture participated this year again.


Aso’s rice crop grow index was 91, which indicated “bad” due to low temperatures and lack of sunshine. You can see how small the hanging poles, which usually have a double stack, are partially exposed in the left part. The yield this year was 7 bales (420 kg) per piece of paddy area.


Next year will be the 10th rice planting and rice harvesting, so we intend to make a commemorative plan.