Presented wooden benches to prefecture educational facilities!

On September 10 (Monday), the Kumamoto prefectural government conducted a presentation ceremony of six wooden benches to the prefectural educational facilities. The purpose of this presentation is to have children use them in their daily school life and to have an interest in the functions and roles of the forest by touching the wooden materials that grew up under the wilderness of Aso.

It is a heavy bench made by cedar of 60 years old which was cut out for thinning forest purpose from the “Aso Taikan no Mori” owned by Higo Bank.


The presentation catalog was passed from Mr. Oono, Executive Director of our foundation to Ms. Miyao, Education Director in Kumamoto Prefecture.


Sitting on the presented bench, we took a memorial group photo.


After the bench presentation ceremony, the benches were delivered to three elementary schools (Uto Municipal Iida Elementary School, Kikuchi Municipal Tozaki Elementary School, Minamiaso Municipal Hakusui Elementary School), and three junior high schools (Kumamoto City Kawachi Junior High School, Yamaga City Kamoto Junior High School, Gyokuto Town Gyokuto Junior High School), respectively. It would be greatly appreciated if those students like to use them.