We participated in the volunteer training of the burning of the dead grass!

On November 3 (Saturday) and 10 (Saturday) 2018, “A beginner volunteer training of the burning of the dead grass” was organized by Aso Greenstock at the Aso Grassland Maintenance Activity Center “Meadow Learning Center”. Our Foundation arranged the participation of Higo Bank and 37 people participated from the bank. Adding to the 24 “safeguards for the bush cutter” who participated the September training course last year, Hito Bank’s participants to the grassland conservation volunteer training became 61 in total.CIMG2054

In the morning course, class room training of the burning work, explanation of precautions when working, experiences talks by “the burning volunteer support volunteer group leader”, was done using DVD and PowerPoint. Some articipants from Osaka and Kagoshima joined this training course, and the grassland conservation volunteers activities seems to extend outside the prefecture


After the lunch, the training to make “the firefighting rod” which are actually used in burning work was done supervised by the leader of volunteers who support the grassland burning. It takes about 20 minutes to finish the rod for each person


The firefighting rod looks like a fan, it is made of bamboo, its tip is split into several pieces knitted with Kazura. The photo is a firefighting rod made by the Higo Bank’s course participants.We simulated the field burning work using the firefighting rod made by themselves. It was snowing on the day, and training was undertaken in a severely chilling environment. Thank you for the participation.