The 13th “Aso Taikan-no Mori (Aso Panoramic Forest)” tree planting!

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, we performed the 13th tree planting at “Aso Taikan-no Mori”. This was the last tree planting at 52ha “Aso Taikan-no Mori” forest where we have been working every year since 2006, It was a storm snow blowing chilly day with temperature 3 ℃ and drastically changed from the sunny previous day. At 8 am., there was a greeting from Yoshizu Executive Director of the foundation to the group leader, vice chief executive officer and guiding staff of each group to call attention for the planting work.


In the ceremony from 9:00 am., President Kai had greeting talk that “Today, We will plant three thousand yamazakura trees in an area of 1.5 ha by a total of 250 people including Aso Central High School students”, and also talk that “Because of the Northern Kyushu heavy rain 2012 and the Kumamoto earthquake 2016, part of the planned tree planting slope was collapsed and could not be planted. So the final cumulative number of trees stayed at 130,200 which was less than original target number (150,000), and I strongly feel difficulties to deal with the nature .”


Greeting also received from Mr. Fukushima, Director of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division of Kumamoto Prefecture who was just appointed in this year personnel transfer.


After the ceremony, we moved walking to the planting slope by group. In one pair, one person dug a hole with a hoe close to the support pole and the other person planted Yamazakura seedlings. They planted the seedling root into the slope soil and tie them to the support pole with a string not to fall down.④P1210605

This is President Kai of our foundation, who is strongly use hoe in the first group.


Snow storm became heavily from the middle of the planting work, so it was rounded up about 40 minutes earlier than schedule, and we went down to the lower side from the planned holding place


Since the mealtime was also significantly ahead of schedule time, the lunch assignment manager became somehow panic.


From the next year, our foundation will purchase another 6.6 ha of forest from Aso City which is adjacent to the south side of Sabo dam. So it is expected that our tree planting will continue. We hope your continuous cooperation in volunteering activities.