“Aso Fountain rice terraces” won the Kumamoto Landscape Award “Landscape Award of Green and Water”!

The 29th Kumamoto Landscape Award, ” Aso Fountain rice terraces ” was awarded the ” Landscape Award of Green and Water “. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, 7th February, at the reception room of the governor in the Fifth Floor of Kumamoto Prefectural Government building.

The Vice Governor Tajima explained the award as the greeting; the “Kumamoto Landscape Award” is a historical prize by Kumamoto prefecture since 1984 and it is aimed to recognize the activities of improving or newly developing the scenery of the good landscape in order to make Kumamoto a beautiful prefecture filled with rich green and water.. Today, I congratulate you very much.


A certificate was handed to Mr. Yoshizu, Executive Director of ourfoundation from Vice Governor Tajima.


Prof. Ryuichi Itoh (graduate school of Kumamoto University) explained reviewer’s comments as the judging committee chairperson.

” Aso Fountain rice terraces ” was developed by our foundation since 2011 by the signed agreement with Aso City for the purpose to recharge groundwater. The evaluated points for the awards are that the cultivated abandoned land was regenerated as a rice terrace by the help of related peoples, local residents, and the volunteers. Also the raised rice was highly evaluated to become the first certification recipient of “Certification of agricultural and livestock products that support the local groundwater and soil” by Kumamoto Prefecture.


In the awards ceremony the winners talked the efforts to create their landscape formation and their thoughts one by one.


At the end of the awards ceremony, a group photograph was taken.


This is the certificate we received. ” Landscape Award of Green and Water ” is an award appropriate for our foundation’s name “Higo Water and Greenery Protection Fund” and we sincerely express our gratitude. In cooperation with the local residents of Aso Yamada district and volunteers, we will continue to work hard on the “rice paddy flooding program t” by traditional rice growing methods that are friendly to the environment.