We started water-saving equipment exhibition 2017 !

Water-saving equipment exhibition in  2017 had started at the Higo Bank’s Yoyasu Branch. We will perform a tour exhibition for about 2 weeks periods in the lobby of Higo Bank branch. We plan to have this exhibition at the Yoyasu Branch and the Kawashiri Branch in June, the Rikigoutikami Branch and the Kumamoto Ichiba Branch in July, the Akita Branch and the Inarimae Branch in August and the Oshima Branch in September, respectively.


Lobby display at Higo Bank Yoyasu Branch

Due to the influence of the Kumamoto earthquake in April 2016 , the “paddy field flooding project” which contribute significant volume of the groundwater recharge to the Kumamoto City’s water supply cannot be executed because of the collapse or sediment block damage of the irrigation channel ‘Ide’ (Used Waterway) in the Shira River Middle Region. According to the survey by of Professor Ichikawa of Tokai University, estimated groundwater recharge amount has been reduced to one quarter.



Source: Professor Ichikawa’s report, Tokai University

For these reasons, efforts to save water will become more important than usual this year. Thank you for your cooperation!

Reference) We generally use 10 liters in one toilet flush and 200 liters to full a bath. In 2015, the water consumption per capita was 223 liters in Kumamoto city. We are promoting the “water saving 218 (Nii Ichi Hachi) campaign ” which reduces the water usage for living by 218 liters per person until 2018.