We participated in simultaneous cleaning-up of 2017 Midorikawa Day!

On April 29, 2017 (Showa Day), staff members of the Higo Bank branch in the Midorikawa watershed area participated as a volunteer for simultaneous cleaning-up held in the Midorikawa Basin with the head office “Takada Minna no Square” in Kashima Town. Last year it was cancelled  as a result of serious damage immediately after the Kumamoto earthquake. Although some tributary rivers where “Safety can not be secured”was supposed to be sent off this year, we will introduce the state of everyone who enthusiastically worked on the cleaning activities from early in the morning.


Everyone at Kashima Branch (Headquarters / Aeon Mall venue)

Kashima branch staff members (Headquarters / Aeon Mall venue)

Hamamachi branch everyone (Yamato-cho venue)

Hamamachi branch staff members (Yamato-cho venue)

Tomochi branche everyone (Misato-machi venue)

Tomochi branch staff members (Misato-machi venue)

Mifune branch everyone (Mifune-machi venue)

Mifune branch staff members (Mifune-machi venue)

Kosa branch everyone (Kosa-machi venue)

Kosa branch staff members (Kosa-machi venue)

Matsubase Branch everyone - Uki City Area Venue

Matsubase branch staff members(Uki City Area Venue)

Staff members at the Matsubase Branch was canceled at the “Farmer Training Center” venue in Toyono Uki City, but did voluntarily cleaned up.